Issue 2: Editor's Note

Dana Publicover

Dear Readers,

I’ve officially packed away (and dug out, again) my warm weather wardrobe. I can tell it’s going to be one of those seasons where the thermometer keeps us guessing. And I know we’ll be seeing a lot of seasons like that in the future as the earth continues to change.

I’ll admit, I’m not a super conscientious citizen of this planet. I recycle, but somewhat lazily (by German standards). I eat meat. I buy a little fast fashion here and there. But! I don’t drive a car and my increasing anxiety about the dying earth has us eating vegetarian a few nights a week—so that’s something

That’s why, when team P&Co started brainstorming client gifts this year, we thought about all the waste and what we might be able to do with an eye toward sustainability. Would we find anything stylish or fun (or even remotely appropriate)?

The answer, a resounding YES with tons of great, charming, personal, corporate, exciting, sustainable and responsible choices. So many, in fact, that we created our Sustainable Client Gift Guide so that you can see what we found.

We’ve also got the amazing Dan Levy from MoreSpaceForLight who has classified the people in your workshop as characters from the Office (the American one). I’d like to think I’m a Jan but I’m probably a Michael. Interested to see who you are!

Finally, just wanted to share that when we launched last issue we had NO IDEA if anyone would even read, let alone SHARE or PRAISE the articles within it! What an absolute joy it’s been to not only realize a dream, but have the support of so many great friends and collaborators who are just as excited as we are. Much love to all of you (and wishes for your most profitable & successful end-of-year yet!)

Dana Publicover

Dana is the founder of P&Co, the editor-in-chief of &ideas and a lifelong lover of reading & writing.

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