Team P&Co

We’re a sales communications agency that helps people get clear, build trust & make sales using an ethical & empathetic approach.

We partner with those who share our values, and whose specialties complement ours. We prioritise collaboration over competition—there’s enough business for everyone—and have created this partnership plan to share in audience growth together. Looking forward to co-creating with you!

One of the values of P&Co is to “ruin everything.” We take that to mean that nothing is sacred or set it stone—anything is up for discussion or innovation! We’ve created these concepts to start with but are absolutely open to your ideas. If any of these spark your interest, please reach out to our content lead Phoebe.

Our articles are usually between 700 and 1000 words—but if you feel like you need more (or fewer!) to get your point across, that’s totally fine. We love a fresh perspective, and particularly welcome articles with an original or (gasp!) controversial point of view. Let’s start a conversation!

Maybe you think pitches should be abolished forever. Perhaps you’ve got a secret sales tip up your sleeve that you’d like to share with the world. We’d love to hear it.

Not exactly sure what you’d like to write about? Drop an email and we’ll throw some ideas around with you. If you’re looking to promo something, we can help make it less salesy!

All of our blog content is original, so please make sure you’re not posting the full article elsewhere.

We’ll add your author profile to your article, so please include a short bio, links to your profiles, and a headshot along with your finished article.

Once it’s published, we’ll send you the link, and we’d love you to share it far and wide!

Topics We're Interested In:

By now you've explored the type of content we publish. It's a mix of industry and inspirational content. You can read about the why & how of &ideas here. This is a list of topics to jumpstart ideas:

Business Development & Sales
We don’t focus on ‘how to sell’ or sales tips and would love to highlight someone who does!

Industry Commentary
If you have a hot take, let’s hear it!

Empathetic Leadership
What makes good leaders good? How can we humanize the future of leading?

Fresh Takes on Marketing
Anything new to say here would be amazing!

User Experience & Research
Anything adjacent to this is great.

Product Strategy
Anything fresh to say in this space?

Startups & Entrepreneurship
So much to say, so little time.

Agency & B2B Management
Many of our clients are in this space and are recently established, so growth advice is always welcome.

People, Working & Culture
What new ways of working and being are there? How is the future of work going to change? How can people work together, better?

Tool Tips
Do you run your whole business in Evernote (lol) or have an interesting application of a known tool? Let’s hear it!

We're so excited to see what you come up with.