While we (like you) are unabashedly striving for a profitable business, we also recognize that even tiny companies like ours can be a force for good, and even make a difference.

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Our commitments
We’ve always kind of thought that documents like this were filled with fluff and good intentions. Because of that, we’ve outlined our specific commitments with the dual purpose of 1) inspiring others to do the same, and 2) keeping us honest and reinforcing our goals.

Our steadfast and unwavering commitment to ethical growth marketing sometimes means difficult conversations with our customers, and boundless benefits to their customers. We won’t market or promote things to customers that don’t exist, but our impact goes beyond that.
We’re challenging the status quo for women in agencies.
Fewer than 1% of marketing agencies globally (and .1% in Europe) are owned and led by women. We’re giving time to multiple organisations to change that and providing mentorship and support to encourage more women in the transition from freelancer to agency.
We’re closing the disability talent gap.
The creative industry has a serious talent gap among people with disabilities. Accessible internships and flexible entry level roles are hard to find, and asking for accommodation can keep disabled talent from getting ahead. We’re tackling this head-on with our inclusion policy, our and commitment to upskilling talented people.
We’re killing dark patterns & scammy tactics.
Hidden cancellation? Sneaky paywalls? Forced adoption? Not on our watch. Our mission is to deliver remarkable customer experiences, and that means keeping things honest and clear, always. Which also means…
We’re fighting for transparency.
We know firsthand the ROI for our clients who communicate openly with their customers, and we push for transparent communications through marketing messaging and copywriting. Each time we clearly outline payment and cancellation, the feedback is the same: “this company feels honest and I feel more comfortable making this purchase.” Lifelong customer relationships are more valuable than cheap tricks.
We're supporting parents at work.
We’ve created a team and working structure completely accessible to people with childcare duties at home, including flexible, untracked working hours and a focus on delivery versus process. We aren’t your family (you have one of those already) and our job is to make sure you don’t miss anything important with yours.

See our open roles here.
We're giving (kickbacks) back.
We’re a partner agency with several product and service providers (including Butter, Pendo, MURAL and more). We’ll never recommend something we don’t believe in, and any kickback payments or referral fees paid to us are donated in full via Global Giving.
We're paying fair wages.
Our daily and hourly rates paid to talent are determined by industry averages and are based on experience level and contribution. We ensure that wages paid to talent living in economically underdeveloped areas are above the local averages and are competitive globally.
We're building future talent.
Our community and training is accessible and largely unpaid, and our mentorship is given without cost. We understand that the future of creative talent depends on strong training and leadership early in a career, and the impact of investing in helping early stage talent achieve professional goals cannot be understated. We will always provide cross training to those on our team who show interest in other areas to build robust, competitive portfolios (even if that takes them away from us in the future)
We're doing what we can.
P&Co seeks out a minimum of two pro-bono clients per year. Typically we partner with businesses who are owned by underrepresented people, with social impact or purpose, or businesses who aspire to change the world.

The next round will be reviewed in June 2024.
And we'll never stop learning.
We are committed to continuous unlearning of implicit biases and accept that we’ll never be done with this important work.
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