The Launch Kit

Stop thinking. Start launching. 5 days to launch a sales page and start selling your offer.

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We take your team from an idea to a ready-to-launch live sales site in 5 days.

Then we spend the next 5 days building the marketing funnel to maximize leads and get you more sales.

Our approach

Here’s an overview of what to expect →

We guide your team to narrow the focus and clarify your new offer in a workshop.

We shape your pitch for the new offer and test it with real customers.

We design and build a launch page (a sales page, a landing page, whatever you want to call it!) and throw the switch—it’s live, baby!

We check performance data and iterate while building the marketing funnel.

By making sales, you’ll know right away whether your new offer has value, saving you time, money and effort.

We hand it all over with a clear plan & easy next steps for you to keep up the momentum.

Why us?

Here’s what our clients say →

“They bring out your best ideas, keep the energy going, and make everyone feel like they've brought their best game.”

“Streamlines complexity like no one I’ve ever met and delivers creative energy that sticks with the team long after.”

“Bottomless and unique content ideas that align perfectly with the main strategy.”

Get sh!t done.

Online course? New service package? Different revenue stream? Or the same work with a different approach? Let’s launch & test it.

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