The Lead Kit

Fill that pipeline with people who will actually buy (ok, we'll do it for you).

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We’ll help you build a lead generation machine to attract more paying customers

(and build a funnel to bring them right to you)

Our approach

The Lead Kit is a short-term consulting package (~3 weeks) packed full of deliverables to attract leads with your goods and bring them through the funnel (we build that too).
Here’s an overview of what to expect →

We talk to your clients & dig up the hidden gems that create sales magic.

We pitch a few creative options for lead generating content for your customer (Webinar? Toolkit? Ebook? Whitepaper? Conference? Something new?).

You pick your favourite and then WE DO IT ALL! We write it, build it, make it, bake it, set up the funnel & follow ups, and give you the tools to bring the leads home and close sales.

We hand it all over with a clear plan & easy next steps for you to keep up the momentum.

Need clarity on your services?

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The Lead Kit works best as part of a complete breakfast.

For best results, we recommend using The Lead Kit when your service is magic, the positioning is clear, and your pitch rolls off the tongue. Not there yet? Worry not—our other packages will get you there.

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Why us?

Here’s what our clients say →

“They put a positive spin on important topics and keep the audience grounded while helping them manage change.”

“The messaging is game-changing. Better messaging = better chance of getting an investment.”

“A charming yet effective way to push teams out of their comfort zone. The results are stunning.”

More, better leads.

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