The Sales Kit

Make your sales so easy, it's almost not fair. Combine all of our packages (plus a few sales-focused extras).

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What if...

Your leads were more qualified by the time they reached you?

You had the perfect words to describe your offering (without a ton of explanation)?

You knew exactly what your customers were searching for (and how to give it to them)?

You didn’t rely on referrals for new business?

We design competitive advantage (and craft spot-on positioning)

Our approach

The Sales Kit is a short-term consulting package (~2 months) for redesigning your sales communications, materials and approach.

It includes all of our other packages (Niche, Lead, Service Kits), and these additional steps.
Here’s an overview of what to expect →

We take you through the Niche Kit (refine the positioning), the Lead Kit (craft a Lead Gen tool), the Service Kit (streamline & productise your services) and then:

We talk to your clients & dig up the hidden gems that create sales magic.

We work with you to make your offering crystal-clear & your value obvious.

We spruce up your website and make that new pitch pop all over in a sales script, deck, content and more, then hand it over with a plan for you to keep up the momentum.

Want to start small?

Discover The Niche Kit

The Sales Kit helps you scale.

Get ready for a new sales person to drop right in and start selling with everything they need to attract, present and close.

We deliver everything on their wishlist and set them up for success—while also de-risking handing this crucial job over to a new person.

Already have a team in place? We work with them to make sure they have exactly what they need.
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Why us?

Here’s what our clients say →

“A perfectly curated creative environment to get those nuggets for differentiating strategies.”

“Content that is professional and authentic at the same time, so it feels relatable and helpful.”

“The knack to get right to the heart of a subject and the power to pull out the exact right piece.”

Experienced in experience

We've got the chops

We've co-created experiences with some big names, and some you haven’t heard of (yet).

Make sales easy.

Let’s talk about The Sales Kit.

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