Introducing the Sales Kit

Sales design in a box

Connect with customers using research-proven language—and make your sales so easy it's almost not fair.

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You hate being sold to, too.

Change the experience.

What would change if...

  • Your leads were more qualified by the time they reached you?
  • You had the perfect words to describe your offering (without a ton of explanation)?
  • You knew exactly what your customers were searching for (and how to give it to them)?
  • You didn’t rely on referrals for all new business?

We use human-centered design & a love for language to make things clear, simple & repeatable.

Our approach

Pulling methods & experience from design thinking, the design sprint, UX research & content design

We begin with empathy-based research to get clear on customer pain-points & their language to describe them

Next, we use that research to craft simple, buzzword-free messaging that speaks right to the customer

Then, we craft an outreach plan to fill the pipeline with qualified leads & make things repeatable (& scalable!)

What's in the box?*

The Sales Kit is a short-term consulting package (~6 weeks) for redesigning your sales communications, materials and approach (for sales experience & journey design, check out the Sales Journey).

Here’s an overview of what's included in the Sales Kit.

*PS: If you couldn’t read this without crying like Brad Pitt, you’re our people.

Customer Research

Empathy-based interviews (not surveys) with your target group & a research insights report to expand personas & use elsewhere

Service Offerings workshop

A co-creation session to update your service descriptions and offerings to make them easier to sell, using the new research


Updated copy & language to describe your company, services & approach including a new elevator pitch and story

Web Copy Review

A list of recommended updates to incorporate the new language into your existing website

Outbound Strategy

An outreach plan & script or template for your target customer

Updated sales deck

Pulling all the new pieces together with the new language and approach in a complete deck

A bit of social proof

“Dana has a knack of making complicated things really simple. She streamlines complexity like no one I’ve ever met and is able to deliver creative energy that sticks with the team long after.”

Ross Chapman

Jen Voorhees, Wray Ward Agency

[They] cultivate a creative environment that pushes participants beyond the expected to get those nuggets for differentiating strategies to be built upon.

"An uplifting experience. Innovation and thinking out of the ordinary are definitely her strong suit. Dana's passion for innovative thinking and ability to structure thought processes is unique. She puts a positive spin on important topics, helps her audience stay grounded and helps them through the very difficult task of managing change.

Alexis Maklakoff, VP Global Sales, Sunbrella

The Sales Kit helps you scale.

Get ready for a new sales person to drop right in and start selling with everything they need to attract, present and close.

We deliver everything on their wishlist and set them up for success—while also de-risking handing this crucial job over to a new person.

Already have a team in place? We work with them to make sure they have what they need.

Design your entire sales experience

From first touch through onboarding

Looking for a complete sales experience journey? Let's talk about that.