The Service Kit

Design clever packages for your service that narrow your focus (and streamline your sales efforts)

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We’ll clarify your offer and focus your services—and wrap them up in a bow.

It’s service design + package design in a tidy...package. And service. Yeah, it’s meta.

Our approach

The Service Kit (or ‘Kit’ Kit as our clients have called it) is a week-long consulting engagement to help B2Bs, agencies and freelancers craft better services, offers and packages
Here’s an overview of what to expect →

We kick things off in an onboarding workshop to assess, audit, clarify & identify opportunities

We speak to real customers (past or target) to find deeper answers and check our assumptions

We map out the services and ecosystem—how they work together and apart—then define packages and pricing strategy

We package them up with great names and shiny new descriptions, ready to share in your marketing and sales!

The Service Kit will

Bring order to disparate service offerings and link them together logically

Narrow your scope and emphasise your strongest, most sellable services

Focus your positioning and clarify your specialty & niche

Streamline your sales & marketing efforts by defining your single USP

The Service Kit tees up the Sales Kit in such a nice way...

Once you’ve gone through the Service Kit, a fantastic next step is the Sales Kit—taking your brand new packages and bringing them to market with a strategy (and all the content you need) for seamless sales. There’s never an obligation to continue, but they do pair nicely.

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Why us?

Here’s what our clients say →

“Such a great job sorting out our ecosystem [of services] and making them all make sense as one big picture.”

“Helped me clarify my offer and streamline my services, and in just weeks I already had new projects with higher billings.”

"A game-changer for any team. Mapping and productising our services had sustainable impact for our business and made everything easier to sell."

More, better leads.

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