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Each word was lovingly selected and programmed by a human (not AI, this baby's artisinal).
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Who made this (and why)?
Hi, I’m Dana Publicover (founder of P&Co).

One of my first business cards as a consultant was a Mad Lib—a sentence with empty spaces for words to be filled in later. I have always thought elevator pitches resemble that kind of “fill in the blank” prompt.

We are blanks who do blank for blanks.

So one night during lockdown, I stayed up with my developer husband and we came up with lists of words and clichés that would make the worst pitch, and the generator was born.  And then it sat, unused, for nearly three years (sorry Jim). I couldn’t find a business reason to launch something so fun and so obviously pointless.

Recently we were talking about AI copywriting and I speculated that it would be awhile before machines can capture pointless humor—and that made me want to share this project.

There’s no email capture or opt in here, just entertainment. I hope you create the worst one yet.
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